WEBINAR: Value of a Doctorate in the post-pandemic Business World

The business world is changing rapidly. Whether you’re a fulltime student, a professional climbing up the corporate ladder, or an experienced veteran looking to add notches on your corporate belt, SSBR has the perfect solution to shape your future career in this changing world.

Join us live to learn more about how you can propel your career to the next level by earning a Doctorate Degree in your profession of choice.

Save the Date: Tuesday 11 October at 8pm CET time/ 7pm UK time.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The different kinds of Doctorate Degrees you can attain given your level of expertise
  • The opportunities that a Doctorate Degree will open up for you and how it will make you stand out
  • Do you have to relocate or quit your job
  • If you’re employed, how you can juggle a doctorate with your day-to-day workload
  • If you’re between jobs, whether this new financial investment will pay off in better opportunities
  • If it is affordable
  • Will your degree relate to your real-life work experience

To answer these questions, two of our recent doctoral graduates will tell you all about their own PhD journeys, their doubts and fears and how at SSBR they found answers to all their questions.

    The Value of a PhD

    Your hosts:

    Alumni Guest Speakers:

    Dr. Steve Mallon
    Dr. Andreas Karaoulanis
    SSBR Alumnus Dr. Ebele Orizu
    SSBR Alumnus Dr. Anthony Cairns

    Dr. Steve Mallon, Doctor of Education (Ed. D)

    Dr. Andreas Karaoulanis, DBA and PhD in Business Administration and Management

    SSBR Alumnus Dr. Ebele Orizu, PhD by Portfolio

    SSBR Alumnus Dr. Anthony Cairns, PhD Doctorate of Philosophy in Management

    Dr. Steve Mallon is a psychologist and passionate educator with decades of experience in the field. His speciality combines education with leadership, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

    Dr. Karaoulanis is an experienced professional with more than 25 years in several industries in C-suit and managerial positions. His published work has been read in more than 150 countries. 

    Dr. Orizu is based in Ireland, where she works as a Probity Office at the Central Bank of Ireland. Through her PhD research, she has impacted her organisation by helping it become more innovative, improve decision-making and communication.

    Dr. Anthony Cairns is an entrepreneur based in England, specialising in delivering hi-tech solutions to industry. He is CEO of iCoriolis Limited, a high-tech startup. His PhD research was based on Requirements Engineering (RE) with Health Information Technology (HIT).


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