A couple of decades ago, being an MBA (master’s in business administration), or its equivalent in education or social sciences, was enough to open almost any door in the profession of your choosing. Today, that same talented student or professional is beginning to realize that the business and education field is littered with people boasting all kinds of academic qualifications. So perhaps something a lot more specialized and in-depth than a master’s is needed.

So how do you stand out in this hyper-specialized world?

With a doctorate in your chosen area of expertise.

As Dr. Steve Mallon, SSBR’s Director of Research, explained in our “Value of a Doctorate Degree” webinar, a doctorate today “is the highest level of academic award that you can earn… it signifies that you are at the pinnacle of your chosen area of expertise.” Whether you’re looking for a job, changing careers, thinking of starting a consultancy, joining a think-tank, or becoming a university professor, a doctorate is the ultimate mark of educational achievement. Prospective employers, academics, heads of businesses – all will respect the fact that you put in this extra effort in study, research and analyses, and they expect that you will have a higher level of knowledge, understanding and skills in your chosen field.

What are the different types of doctorate degrees that can be pursued?

A ’doctor’ as we think of it, specializes in the field of science and medicine and gets his or her doctorate in their area of professional expertise after many years of study, research and practice. A PhD – or Doctor of Philosophy – on the other hand, researches and specializes in areas of business and industrial management, finance, education, social sciences or philosophy.

There are three different types of Doctorate Degrees that vary depending on the candidate’s experience, research, thesis length and timeframe of completion:

  1. Phd Doctorate of Philosophy in Management
  2. Doctorate of Business Administration
  3. PhD by Portfolio

Phd Doctorate of Philosophy in Management 

You can opt to follow the traditional research route and attain a PhD in your chosen area of specialization. You focus on a particular area of business or profession, highlight a specific problem in a methodology or process. As you would have done with your master’s, but in vastly more depth and detail, you study, research and analyze it until you are satisfied that you have delved into every facet of the problem, its solutions and methods. The 80,000 – 100,000 word thesis that emerges from this process, will form the basis of your doctorate. This process can take up to 3 academic years but could be done faster depending on the student’s level of time and motivation.

Doctorate of Business Administration

The second type of doctorate degree is going the DBA route – . This is a fast-track course for professionals looking for that final step-up from a master’s and are already in a career. At SSBR, students are guided throughout the programme, from start to finish, including virtual classroom lectures, webinars and tutorials, practical learning, projects, and learning through targeted research. The final thesis is considerably shorter than the first method – between 40,000 and 50,000 words – and the entire exercise is designed to be completed within 2 academic years.

PhD by Portfolio

The third and final path, and the most innovative one by far, is the PhD by Portfolio – also known as Phd by Publication – and this is the chosen method for professionals who have years of expertise in their chosen field. This doctorate course involves gathering evidence that shows that you have already achieved doctorate levels of understanding, knowledge and skills in your profession. You earn your PhD by showcasing your existing knowledge, work expertise and skills throughout your career in the form of a shorter thesis, or capstone project. This programme is the quickest as it is designed to be completed within 12 months.

SSBR is committed to helping skilled business professionals excel in their careers and, as Dr. Mallon explained, we are aware that in this modern world, unlike before, students looking to do a doctorate come from all different kinds of backgrounds. To uphold the strict educational standards, and yet to give aspiring doctorate students some flexibility, SSBR offers all three programmes for doctoral candidates to choose from and in this manner, fulfil their dream.

Academically, all three types of doctorate degrees are rigorous and require an extensive amount of work and dedication.

However, we are fully flexible with our students’ needs, in terms of time, to let you get there at your own pace and convenience. Learn more about our programmes here so you can check it out for yourself. Better still – get in touch with us!

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