As a truly global international business school with students and PhD candidates of over 52 nationalities – from Samoa to Mexico and beyond – we at Swiss School of Business Research can boldly state that there are no borders, that our lives are interconnected and that as a whole, we are driven by the need to have a peaceful and prosperous life.

Whatever the religion, age, gender or background, we all strive to lead a fulfilling life surrounded by our loved ones: friends, colleagues, spouses, children….even our adorable pets! SSBR experiences this as our Professors and PhD Mentors build academic relationships with our students. 

Our mission, Quality Education for all aligns with our wish for peace. We are firm believers that education not only helps to enrich a person’s skills and abilities, but also helps to broaden perspectives, develop a critical thinking mindset and leverage those innate competencies that we may have, from negotiation to out-of-the-box thinking. Making our programmes accessible for all, no matter where they may be in the world, allows students to not only develop their full potential but also influence their environment and impact their country in a positive way. As studies have shown, countries with an educated workforce experience faster economic growth and output than those without.

As Swiss School of Business Research, we wish for peace, not only in Ukraine, but in all of those countries that are experiencing conflict and turmoil. We stand for peace and will continue working to ensure that we can reach as many students in as many countries as possible and in that way, contribute to shaping a prosperous and peaceful future for all. 


Diverse Student body of over 50 nationalities
Diverse Student body of over 50 nationalities

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