Guest Speaker David Potin, Executive Coach and Human Resources Consultant, will be sharing his expertise and tips on how to be an effective leader of a remote team. Leadership from a distance differs from traditional leadership not only due to the challenges of being able to track and manage performance from afar, but also in terms of the key soft skills that a leader requires to be able to successfully manage a remote team.

Learn more about remote leadership and how you can be an effective team leader in this Guest Speaker session!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The difference between leading and managing
  • The 7 Leadership styles and the 4 which are most effective
  • The Challenges of being a Remote Leader
  • How to effectively lead people from the distance

Save the Date:

Thursday Apr. 21st at 8pm CET time/ 7pm UK time.


About our Host: David Potin, Certified Executive Coach


Originally from France, David is an Executive Coach & head of the HR consultancy, Arestora Barcelona Centro.

Graduated in Coaching Processes and in Advanced Coaching Tools from Tisoc, the International School of Coaching and certified by IAC as a Coach in 2011. He studied Psychoanalysis prior to entering the world of coaching.

He runs a coaching consultancy dedicated to assisting executives in the transition phase of a career change as well as optimizing professional performance through effective leadership, communication, stress and time management techniques.

David is a speaker and lecturer on how to be an 100% efficient leader in today’s companies, how to manage your stress, and how to transform conflicts into agreements in the professional world.

He is also author of the book YOUR LIFE WITH 0 STRESS / TU VIDA CON 0 ESTRÉS in which he describes the methodology that he has applied in his coaching of hundreds of executives and directors subjected to high levels of stress and pressure and which has enabled them to lead a peaceful life without having to sacrifice anything in their lives.

Passionate about personal and professional development as well as HR, David hosts the Spanish language radio show @enlamentedelnuevolíder, Wednesdays at 7pm on CoolturaFM, where he gives advice on how to think and act as an efficient leader.

David is also responsible for the delegation of the HR services company, Arestora Barcelona Centro, a consultancy that helps companies to be more efficient through a complete HR service including recruitment, headhunting, training, and of course, executive coaching.

Moderator: Laura Pérez Silvestre

Prof. Pérez Silvestre is a small business entrepreneur, Higher Education Professor, PhD Mentor and Marketing & Business specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies from the City University of New York at Queens College  and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from EADA Business School.



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