The Swiss School of Business Research was setup to stand out from other educational institutions by focusing on a single discipline – business – and then grounding that focus on original, student-driven research as the basis of all its degrees, from bachelor’s to doctorate programmes.

Given that focus on research, it would have been surprising if SSBR did not provide its students access to as much published reference materials as they needed to polish their thesis or dissertation to high standards. And provide it they did!

Every student at SSBR, enrolled in any of its programmes, has access to OA Library, an online research engine built by the team behind Citationsy, a no-nonsense reference manager out of London and Stockholm used by thousands of research students. When they realized that their users were using Citationsy to search for research papers, they created as a standalone site. SSBR partnered with them immediately.

A student logging into’s SSBR-branded search and discovery tool – whether they are looking for a specific paper, or for research from a specific field, or all of an author’s works  – will get lightning-fast, AI powered access to almost 240 million pieces of published research work, more than any other educational research site in the world, including over 35 million full-text pdf’s, to fuel, cite and perfect their own research. The service is entirely free for SSBR students to search, read and download.

Students can also use the site as a digital library where they can share events and updates, make their scientific research more open and connected and become more productive at every stage of their academic work — from research to bibliography generation..

SSBR providing their students access to also gives them privileged and free access to the parent site Citationsy, which they can use to cite, format, and track their sources of information.

Both sites are not just available on the web and with chrome extension, they also have android and iOS apps that students can use and download reference material to.

Given that the Swiss School of Business Research has only completed two years of its existence as a private business school, and has just graduated its first management class of students, it is amazing the speed with which they are fleshing out their offerings, academic support and service infrastructure, and the increasing accreditations of their business  programmes.

The quality of their first batch of 2022 dissertations speaks volumes of the standards SSBR encourages their students to achieve and will be available on OA soon.

OA.mg_SSBR_research_papers The best path for accelerating multi-disciplinary breakthrough research is freely sharing knowledge across scientific fields.

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