In a world as interconnected as ours, knowledge crosses borders. Technology is accelerating that spread, and at a very rapid pace.  A smartphone or a laptop, plus an internet connection, has made air travel redundant. It democratized higher education by connecting people with classrooms and professors in real time. Electronically, across thousands of miles. A young business student in Nigeria contemplating a career change, could be face-to-face with an educator in the Netherlands, watching a live video presentation being delivered in the UK.

But just as the rapid spread of that knowledge opens up new opportunities, it also comes armed with some differences – of culture, language, attitudes, learning and business practices. A good adult education system must take the differences and turn them into avenues for new opportunities.

When our Dean, Dr. Stephen Harrison, first thought of a business management school, he was very clear on three  aspects:

1. It had to be international to be relevant in today’s world. Therefore, online.

2. It had to be intensely and innovatively student-focused.

3. It had to be flexible to satisfy both full-time students and working professionals.

In less than two years, the Swiss School of Business Research has made big strides in satisfying all three aspects.

Today, SSBR has students and faculty from over 72 countries across the Far East, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asian countries. We have first-time graduation students; professionals with experience in different fields under their belt looking for post-graduation validation, and finally, experience-heavy entrepreneurs  who want to research and specialize in one area of their industry which they can then monetize.

Our faculty comes from, or lives in, 12 countries and counting. Students and professors interact face-to-face and one-on-one through Google classroom and Zoom. Enrolled students have their own private Student LinkedIn group where they can interact with other international students, exchange ideas, find common ground or explore new opportunities. This is especially important as business goes global, because a classmate one interacts with on LinkedIn can open doors to new opportunities across national boundaries.

SSBR’s graduate, post-graduate and doctoral courses, while they  cover every facet of business management that high education standards demand, have an essential research component that is personal to every student and shapes their understanding of every aspect of management. This makes every degree or doctorate awarded by SSBR an individual statement of triumph. While the PhD may be awarded by us, it is our students’ research and their real-world situational analysis and problem-solving that drives the thesis, not some abstract problem or third-person case study.

In addition, SSBR’s programmes are completely flexible both in terms of enrollment and completions to account for multiple time zones and work-life situations. They transfer credits from other programmes and institutions, recognize on-going past and current research work and are totally affordable when compared to a full university course.

And now, to keep up with our theme of innovation, and our motto of ‘Quality Education for All’, SSBR is on its way to accept payment in recognized cryptocurrency, because it acknowledges that many countries around the world haver foreign currency controls which make transfer of money difficult at best.

Happy learning… World!

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