In the 21st century, nothing came close to capturing the public’s imagination like cryptocurrency has, especially among the post-Baby-Boomer generation. The blockchain technology that powers it, is revolutionary, and will no doubt become the default standard in the world of finance. The decentralization and verifiability of its transactions and relative anonymity make it an attractive alternative to government-controlled currencies.

The oversized hype and volatility that this sector has attracted as an investment, has detracted from the fact that cryptos like Bitcoin were created simply to “do something”. To pay for things without having to pay high-cost and time banking fees and paperwork, bypassing governmental oversight, creating smooth easy transactions which were secure and easily verifiable. Especially across national boundaries.

Keeping with its theme of putting students, their demands and needs first, the Swiss School of Business Research is one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency among education institutions in Switzerland. Given that they are collecting payments from students in 61 different countries enrolled for their classes, accepting cryptocurrency seemed a logical decision.

Students and professionals wanting to enroll at SSBR now have an extra convenience factor that allows them to sidestep the extra fees of currency conversions. There are even some countries which have capital currency controls, or outright bans on foreign currency transactions. For them, paying in Bitcoin or Ethereum is a boon. SSBR is at the forefront of giving its students another innovative facility to facilitate and empower them to enroll easily.

As the utilization factor of crypto increases, its volatility will surely correspondingly decrease. The mechanics of fee conversion rates have been and will be communicated to aspiring students when they apply because SSBR wants to make it as easy as possible for its international cast of students.

Dr. Stephen Harrison, Dean at the Swiss School of Business Research, explained that accepting cryptocurrency payments is central to the school’s mission statement. “In keeping with the SSBR mission ‘Swiss Education for all’, our offerings of innovative teaching methodologies as well as fostering innovation in business mindset, SSBR is proud to have moved forward into the future and accept payments in cryptocurrency. This digital payment system is paving the way to a truly globalized, international society which builds bridges among communities and brings together people from both remote and urban locations – it is a leveller of society and we believe this is the premier way that we can truly achieve our mission.”

Whether students are enrolling in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate programme, SSBR will now accept their tuition payment in cryptocurrency.  The mechanics of how it works, conversion rates and systems are specified when a student applies, but rest assured – we’ll make it as easy as possible for our students so that truly, we can provide Swiss quality education for all.

Learn more about our unique mission and vision: SSBR’s mission and vision statement

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