WEBINAR: The Value of Attaining a Doctorate Degree

Join us live to learn more about how you can propel your Career to the next level by earning a Doctorate Degree.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What a PhD Degree is
  • What a DBA Doctorate Degree is
  • The opportunities that a Doctorate Degree will open up for you
  • How the PhD or DBA will make you stand out from the others
  • The differences between a PhD by Portfolio, a Doctorate in Business Administration and a PhD Doctorate of Philosophy In Management

Save the Date:

Tuesday Feb.22nd at 8pm CET time/ 7pm UK time.

value of Phd


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About Swiss School of Business Research:

Switzerland is known for having one of the best educational systems in the world. In particular, its academic and scientific knowledge is of paramount importance and many of Swiss academics figure among the most cited scholars in the world.

The Swiss School of Business Research is focused on innovating and updating executive education techniques – From teaching methods, course curriculum and workshops to fully digital educational environment.

Our flexible study programmes are based on the European model of higher education, allowing students to choose their courses based on program requirements, previous studies, current interests and future ambitions.

Your hosts:

Dr. Steve Mallon
Dr. Anna Rostomyan
Dr. Andreas Karaoulanis
Laura Pérez

Dr. Steve Mallon, Doctor of Education (Ed. D)

Dr. Anna Rostomyan, PhD in Philosophy in Communication

Dr. Andreas Karaoulanis, DBA and PhD in Business Administration and Management

Prof. Laura Pérez Silvestre

Dr. Steve Mallon is a psychologist and passionate educator with decades of experience in the field. His speciality combines education with leadership, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Dr. Rostomyan is specialized in the fields of Business Communication Management and Emotional Intelligence. She has more than 25 publications and has been granted scholarships such  as DAAD and ASCN. Apart from the academia, she is also a successful entrepreneur. 

Dr. Karaoulanis is an experienced professional with more than 25 years in several industries in C-suit and managerial positions. His published work has been read in more than 150 countries. 

Prof. Pérez Silvestre is a small business entrepreneur, Higher Education Professor, PhD Mentor and Marketing & Business specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies from the City University of New York at Queens College  and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from EADA Business School. 

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