Accreditations & partnerships

Academic Accreditations

Swiss quality label for further education institutions, EduQua is the Swiss national quality assurance body and the first Swiss quality label geared towards adult continuing education.
OTHM Qualifications is an established and reconized UK-based Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

Academic Partnerships

Magnificent Training (Egypt)
Magnificent Training company is a business and management development company providing highly customized training and business development services for industry.
Belgrovia Management Institute SSBR Partner School
Belgrovia Institute of Management Science (USA)
Belgrovia Institute of Management Science is a premier education center in the United States and abroad, focusing on collaborative education in business and organizational transformation.
Eliaveristy (Ghana)
Eliaversity is a technology company that partners with accredited universities to offer their degree programs online. All of their degree programs are accredited and globally recognized. They provide learning management systems, digital enrollment, and student support services.
Narxoz University (Kazakshtan)
Narxoz University is higher education institution in Kazakhstan providing training in economics, business, finance, and law, located in the city of Almaty.
MapleTree Education (Malaysia)
Innovation meets the philosophy of education, advanced pedagogies and theories with MapleTree Education. An institution that prides itself on its effectiveness to educate international curriculums for children and students aged 2 – 18 and tertiary programmes leading to PhD levels.
Omnibus Global Academy (Nigeria)
Omnibus Global Academy was set up to birth & enhance academic performance through partnering, mentoring, certifications, and institutional memberships to Nigerians, thereby fostering academic, and personal development.
Aspire Business School Barcelona (Spain)
Aspire Business School offers various education programs accredited with renowned Bodies & Universities which are well received not only in Europe but across the globe.
Neuroscience Business School (Spain)
Neuroscience Business School offers accredited master’s and postgraduate programmes focused on Neuroscience, Neuromarketing and Neuroselling.
Campus World (United Arab Emirates)
Campus World is an educational eco-system riveted on internationalization and modernization of native campuses. Campus World is the world’s largest hybrid campus network headquartered in London and registered under the Companies Act of England and Wales, 2006.
VOE - Online education (United Kingdom)
VOE believes that education is the passport to the future and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
International Digital Marketing and Business Council (Thailand)
IDM Council was set up to develop both practical and academic performance and guidance in digital marketing, business performance, investment, cryptocurrency, and all aspects of management skills using cutting-edge technologies for teaching and learning.
Bayint Naung Business & Language School (Myanmar)
Bayint Naung Business and Language School was established in late 2020. They have trained hundreds of students for IELTS, General English and Business English. In 2021Bayint Naung B&LS partnered up with SSBR to offer MBA’s, BBA’s and PHD’s in Myanmar under SSBR’s guidance.
Intelligent Education Technology (Malaysia)
Intelligent Education Technology (IET) was founded with the goal of improving the performance of the IT and E-learning industries, as well as engaging with students all over the world and the greatest educational providers on the planet. (IET) is led by highly qualified scholars, administrators, and programmers.
PSM International College (Myanmar)
PSM International College is a skill development training centre and consulting firm focused on teaching, learning, education and delivers world class business management training programs such as HR, Marketing, Banking, Finance, Leadership and Personal Development training to young adults, working professionals, and business executives. It also supports consulting services to startups and SMEs.
Myanmar Management Institute (Myanmar)
Myanmar Management Institute (MMI) is an internationally recognized private management school located in the heart of Yangon, Myanmar. MMI is one of the largest private management schools with persistence and a strong emphasis on offering the best value and quality education. It serves international qualifications to of working professionals and management learners from various industries across the country.
Profeso Business Institute (Myanmar)

The Profeso Business Institute was established in May 2019 to meet the economic and educational needs of Myanmar and to provide access to internationally recognized education at reasonable rates. Located in Nay Pyi Taw, it offers internationally recognized education and training to benefit businesses and communities to enhance business and management skills.

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