The British Council in UK, which by its Royal Charter is committed to… ‘encourage educational co-operation between the United Kingdom and other countries, support the advancement of United Kingdom education and education standards overseas, and otherwise promote education,’ granted full accreditation to SSBR for complying with UK standards of higher education.
Their accreditation scheme guarantees the quality of the accredited centres which include language schools, summer schools, home-tuition providers, independent schools/colleges, further education colleges and universities.
British Council accreditation shows that all accredited schools, colleges, and universities have been inspected by an independent external body and represent the best and most reliable educational opportunities in the UK and abroad. The inspection looks at many areas including how an institution is managed, the overall upkeep of the premises, the level of facilities and resources available and the academic management of teaching and student welfare.
Students can rest assured that the highest standards of education are being maintained by Swiss School of Business Research.

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