Celebrating Success Beyond the Degree: Extraordinary Journeys of SSBR Graduates Revealed

Swiss School of Business Research Graduation Ceremony 2023

A wave of joyous celebration swept through the Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) as it hosted its 2nd graduation ceremony since its foundation in 2020. Our vibrant and global family of graduates converged from across the globe at the beautiful Hotel Alimara in the heart of Barcelona, Spain on July 8th, 2023. Despite the scorching heat of the summer day, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation. Our Class of 2023 epitomizes the diversity and vibrancy of our institution. They comprise of enthusiastic first-timers achieving their Bachelors’ in Business Administration, ambitious individuals earning their MBAs, and intellectual powerhouses obtaining their doctorates, including PhDs and DBAs. It was a glorious day that celebrated the achievements not only of our students but also of our dedicated faculty, staff, and especially our Dean and founder, Dr Stephen Harrison.

Dr Richard Cawley PhD, set the tone for the event with a powerful keynote speech that focused on the vastness and interconnectedness of research. His insightful remarks about the necessity of multiple sources for worthwhile research undoubtedly planted seeds of inspiration for future students to expand their research horizons.

Dr Miray Zaki, an alumna of Harvard University and the University of Chicago, shared her own transformative journey through her PhD and why she chose SSBR. She beautifully articulated the importance of personal growth over institutional prestige, and encouraged us to lead with love and compassion.

The ceremony continued with Dr Anthony “Ant” Webb PhD, another Doctoral graduate, who captivated us all with his compelling account of his academic journey and the process of penning his first book, “Quick, Wake Up the Pilot”. His heartfelt talk sparked the flame of determination in all of us.

We were then graced with the wisdom of Dr Asma Alsikan, who reminded us of our collective responsibility as graduates to advance knowledge and strive to make the world a better place. A timely and potent message indeed.

Rebecca Rathbone, an MBA graduate, captivated us with her personal story of choosing between a secure corporate job and growing her own business. Her success story, illustrated by a thriving business, a beautiful family, and a fulfilled life, was deeply moving.

Our esteemed Dean of SSBR, Dr Stephen Harrison, wrapped up the ceremony with a lively and informative talk about embracing new technologies like AI and ChatGPT. His words encouraged us all to incorporate these advanced tools into our work for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The Swiss School of Business Research was born out of a vision to provide quality education to all. It aspires to foster an environment that upholds the highest academic standards, while also being innovative, flexible, inclusive, interconnected, and international. And on July 8th, as we saw our graduates assembled under one roof to celebrate their achievements, it was clear proof that this vision is a resounding success!

Watch the graduation video on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el5W2QDBsjo

Short version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ESErDBt6Dc&t=42s

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Testimonials from 2023 Graduates

Asma Alsikan, DBA
Performance Management Specialist at PHAP
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Thomas Brookes, PhD
Managing Director at Lindum Fire Services Ltd
United Kingdom

Rebecca Rathbone, MBA
Director at Sass Boutique
United Kingdom

Bibhuti Pattnayak, PhD
Consultant at City & Guilds

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