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Switzerland is known for having one of the best educational systems in the world. In particular, its academic and scientific knowledge is of paramount importance and many Swiss academics figure among the most cited scholars in the world.

SSBR was founded on this basis of delivering this excellence, making it available to all, as our mission states: "Quality Education for All".

SSBR is focused on innovating and updating executive education techniques – From teaching methods, course curriculum and workshops to a fully digital educational environment.

The institution is accredited by ASIC, certified by eduQua and is an approved othm learning centre. Our Doctorate Programmes offer the possibility of attaining a Dual PhD degree with a French university, accredited by the French Ministry of Education and ACBSP.

Flexible Study Programmes

Our flexible study programmes are based on the European model of higher education, allowing students to choose their courses based on program requirements, prior studies, current interests and future ambitions.

All our programmes are fully online or conducted at our partner schools.

Multiple Starting Dates

Students can choose between multiple starting dates  during each academic year. Our modular course design and program structure allows for optimal higher education planning.

Transfer Credits from Previous Institutions
Students can transfer from an existing college, school or university. Providing for easier transferability of credits, study programs are compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Our flexible academic calendar allows for a continuous study experience permitting students to study in an almost unlimited number of schools worldwide and enter SSBR courses.
Truly Global Community

Our truly global community of students, faculty and staff, is made up of 50+ different nationalities from around the world, with students demonstrating a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and entrepreneurial initiative.

Professionally Experienced Professors
Academically qualified and professionally experienced professors link theory and practice by bringing contemporary case studies into the classroom, preparing students to become the global leaders of the future.
Interactive Teaching Methods

Small class sizes with up to 30 students allow professors to use interactive teaching methods, thereby increasing group interaction, improving group dynamics and building long-lasting connections among students.

Mohamed Ekwass
Bachelor in Business Management Alumnus
Marketer at ICT Value
Barcelona, Spain

“Where can I start? From the moment I joined SSBR I knew this was the space I wanted to be in. The process from the time I joined until the day I finished has been made extremely easy by the staff that was there with me every single step of the way. The knowledge I have gained throughout the years that I have been a part of SSBR has helped me tremendously in my personal work and business ventures. The attention and support I’ve got from my Professors pushed me in every way imaginable to become better and grow not only as a professional but as a person as well. I would like to thank everyone at SSBR that has been with me through this chapter of my life.”

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Naftali Rumpaisum
MBA alumnus
Head of New Business at Global Water Intelligence (GWI)
Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

“Studying at SSBR has been a great experience for me and especially with the support from our professors. They made the whole process feel seamless even though it was fully online. The SSBR business course helped me in my professional development and I am applying what I have learned in real time. The key business practices have prepared me to step into a more senior role and become a better leader and strategist.”

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Ellis Laura Griffith
PhD By Portfolio alumnus
Regional People Leader at McKinsey & Company
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I entered this program having always aspired to and never found the time to work toward and earn a PhD. I entered the program with a large dose of curiosity and a small dose of worry – about the online experience, about interacting with professors, about the authentic rigor of the program – as it was brand new at the time.

Having grown up in a household with a University Professor and having chosen my own profession in the business world, I often thought about the gap between these two worlds. I often wondered at how to close that gap and to bring practical applications of advanced principles to business in order to elevate  priorities, to push strategic thinking, to relieve the classic analysis paralysis, and move quickly to operationalize excellence.

As SSBR I found the answer to this age old quandary. I found excellent and applicable materials, phenomenal globally minded mentorship, and a new type of academic rigor – one that pushed my thinking and creativity and has changed the way that I think about my work. Every small worry was quickly resolved as I came to understand that they were simply for the unknown and that the innovation which is the hallmark of SSBR is exactly what we need right now – to marry academia and business and to advance our ability to collaborate and think and act together toward a better future.”

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Applications are open. Flexible intake dates during the academic year. Apply now and save your seat!

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